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Ormity is a solution provider company of test equipment for quality and safety verification related to the most important compliance directives worldwide recognized: IEC. UL, ASTM, NEMA, ISO, DIN and many others.

Water Ingress Test | Ormity | Montréal, QC, CA


      Our Products & Services         

Water & Solid Ingress IP

/ Drip Box IPX1 IPX2

/ Spray Chamber IPX3 IPX4
/ Handheld Spray Nozzle IPX3 IPX4
/ Jet Nozzle IPX5 IPX6

/ Handheld IPX9 Equipment

/ IPX9 IPX9K Spray Chamber

/ Dust Chambers IP5X IPX6

/ UL50/Nema 250 Spray System
/ Flow Meters
/ Pressure Gauges

/ Water management System

/ Turntables up to 0.5 Ton

Flammability & Abnormal Heating

/ Tracking Apparatus IEC112

/ Glow Wire Apparatus

/ Ball Pressure

/ Hot Wire

/ Ansi Probes

/ UL 94 Flammability Chamber


/ Spring Hammer Apparatus

/ IK Hammers

/ Tumbling Barrels 500 & 1000mm

/ Impact Spheres 

Test probes

/ IEC 61032 Porbes

/ UL Probes

/ Telecom Test probes

/ IEC 60335 probes

Endurance Life & Efficience

/ IEC60884 Test of Plugs & Outlets

/ Switches Test Endurance

/ Battery Test System



/ OEM Services
/ Customized Test Solutions

Dunel Group is a leader in solids and water ingress testing equipment

Upgrade Your Testing Capabilities with Our New ASTM and UL 94 HB and VB Flame Test Chamber

Introducing our latest product: the ASTM and UL94 HB and VB automatized flame test chamber.


This state-of-the-art equipment is designed to test the flammability of materials according to the most stringent industry standards. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, our flame test chamber is the perfect tool for manufacturers, researchers, and quality control professionals who need to ensure the safety and compliance of their products.