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Ormity is a solution provider company of test equipment for quality and safety verification related to the most important compliance directives worldwide recognized: IEC. UL, ASTM, NEMA, ISO, DIN and many others.

Water Ingress Test | Ormity | Montréal, QC, CA


      Our Products & Services         

Water & Solid Ingress IP

/ Drip Box IPX1 IPX2

/ Spray Chamber IPX3 IPX4
/ Handheld Spray Nozzle IPX3 IPX4
/ Jet Nozzle IPX5 IPX6

/ Handheld IPX9 Equipment

/ IPX9 IPX9K Spray Chamber

/ Dust Chambers IP5X IPX6

/ UL50/Nema 250 Spray System
/ Flow Meters
/ Pressure Gauges

/ Water management System

/ Turntables up to 0.5 Ton

Flammability & Abnormal Heating

/ Tracking Apparatus IEC112

/ Glow Wire Apparatus

/ Ball Pressure

/ Hot Wire

/ Ansi Probes

/ UL 94 Flammability Chamber


/ Spring Hammer Apparatus

/ IK Hammers

/ Tumbling Barrels 500 & 1000mm

/ Impact Spheres 

Test probes

/ IEC 61032 Porbes

/ UL Probes

/ Telecom Test probes

/ IEC 60335 probes

Endurance Life & Efficience

/ IEC60884 Test of Plugs & Outlets

/ Switches Test Endurance

/ Battery Test System



/ OEM Services
/ Customized Test Solutions

Dunel Group is a leader in solids and water ingress testing equipment

Upgrade Your Testing Capabilities with Our New ASTM and UL 94 HB and VB Flame Test Chamber

Introducing our latest product: the ASTM and UL94 HB and VB automatized flame test chamber.


This state-of-the-art equipment is designed to test the flammability of materials according to the most stringent industry standards. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, our flame test chamber is the perfect tool for manufacturers, researchers, and quality control professionals who need to ensure the safety and compliance of their products.



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​Our team is available via chat to answer your questions. 

Whether you're working with plastics, textiles, or other materials, our flame test chamber provides accurate and reliable results to help you make informed product decisions.


With its friendly design and easy-to-use software, this equipment is ideal for small and large-scale testing applications.


Don't wait any longer to upgrade your testing capabilities – ask more about our ASTM. UL94 HB and VB flame test chamber today and experience the versatility!

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