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The Handheld Spray Nozzle IPX3 IPX4 is designed to meet the requirements of the IEC 60529 standard for water ingress testing. It features a built-in flow meter in the handle, an integrated pressure gauge, and a hole configuration specified by the standard. The nozzle is capable of simulating water spray at different angles and intensities to assess the degree of protection against water ingress.



- IPX3/IPX4 Rating: This spray nozzle is designed to provide IPX3 and IPX4 protection levels according to IEC 6529 standard, articles 14.2.3b and 14.2.4b.

- Flow Meter: The nozzle incorporates a flow meter in the handle, allowing precise control and measurement of water flow during testing.

- Integrated Manometer: A built-in pressure gauge provides real-time pressure readings, ensuring accurate testing and evaluation.


- The nozzle follows the hole configuration specified by the standard, which includes a central jet at 0 degrees, 96 angled jets at 30 degrees around the central jet, and 24 peripheral holes on the outer rim of the shower cap. This configuration results in a total of 121 holes with a diameter of 0.5mm.



- Durable construction: The spray nozzle is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance.

- Easy to use: The ergonomic design and lightweight construction make it comfortable to hold and operate.

- Versatile testing: The nozzle allows for precise and controlled water spray at different angles and intensities, enabling comprehensive IPX3/IPX4 testing.

- Accurate measurements: The integrated flow meter and pressure gauge provide accurate readings for precise evaluation of water ingress protection.

- The nozzle can be supported over a three-legged device (the holder bracket is an accessory).



- Product testing: Ideal for testing the water ingress protection of various products, such as electronic devices, outdoor equipment, and automotive components.

- Quality control: Suitable for manufacturers and quality control laboratories to ensure compliance with IPX3/IPX4 standards.

- Research and development: Useful for R&D purposes to assess and improve the water resistance capabilities of products.


HS Code: 84249000


Handheld Spray Nozzle IPX3 IPX4

SKU: ORTY529-3-200
    • ORTY010/1 - IPX3 NOZZLE - Only
    • DNSN010/2 - IPX3 IPX4 NOZZLE  - Nozzle + Moving Shield
    • DNSN010/3 - IPX3 WITH FLOWMETER - Nozzle + Flow Meter
    • DNSN010/4 - IPX3 IPX4 WITH FLOWMETER - Nozzle + Moving Shield + Flow Meter
    • DNSN010/5 - IPX3 IPX4 With Flow Meter & ISO17025 Dimensional Certificate - Nozzle + Moving Shield + Flow Meter + ISO 17025 Dimensional Certificate
    • DNSN010/6 - IPX3 IPX4 Full SS316L life warranty +ISO17025 Cert
    • DNSN010/7 - IPX3 IPX4 Full SS316L life warranty.
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