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Drip Box Tester IPX1 IPX2 for IP CODE - is a tool for verifying if the products are waterproof built. Ormity Drip Box has an innovative design to facilitate many possibilities for expansion. 


According to IEC 60529, this equipment is described in the articles 14.2.1 and 14.2.2 :

  • IPX1: Protection against water dripping
  • IPX2: Protection of a specimen in a position of a tilt against water dripping

Ormity develops professional equipment built-in aluminum or stainless steel. 


* NOTE: Some versions have been discontinued. The models listed here refer to the models regularly available in our stock. We also have the drip box manifold in SS316L alloy.


* Product Assembled in Canada

Drip Box Tester IPX1 IPX2

SKU: ORTY529-2-300

    Please select the dimension of the drip box manifold that best fits your needs; please take in mind that your sample, when tilted 15 degrees, will need an extra 100mm because of the eccentricity of sample dislocation over the turn table, as per the Norm requirement. Please read article 14.2. and 14.2.2 of the IEC 60529. Also, consider that the equipment has a util area, the manifold outer dimension, and less 10mm margin around.

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