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Oscillating Spray System IPX3 IPX4

Oscillating Spray System IPX3 IPX4 by Ormity/Dunel


This advanced system, Oscillating Spray System IPX3 IPX4, designed for protection testing against water ingress in accordance with the IEC60529 standard, now features expanded versions to cater to a broader range of industry needs. The system's core functionality includes a rotating table capable of holding samples up to 5 kg, a precision-controlled intelligent motor with an integrated encoder (servo), an HMI touch interface, and PLC for efficient operation. Compliant with safety standards such as IEC60335, the ORTY529/795 series ensures reliable and accurate testing in various laboratory environments.


General Information:

  • Brand: Ormity / Dunel
  • Model: SKU ORTY529/795
  • Available Versions:
    • ORTY529/795-1 (Open frame R200)
    • ORTY529/795-2 (Spray chamber system R200)
    • ORTY529/795-3 (Open frame R200, dedicated for specific sample sizes)
    • ORTY529/795-4 (Open frame R400, dedicated for specific sample sizes)
    • ORTY529/795-5 (Open frame R600, dedicated for specific sample sizes)


Applicability: Protection testing against water ingress by oscillating arcs (IPX3 and IPX4) as per standard IEC60529.



The ORTY529/795 series is engineered for executing protection testing against water ingress using oscillating arcs according to the IEC60529 standard. The series is now available in five versions, catering to diverse testing needs:

  • ORTY529/795-1 (Open frame R200): Features an open-frame design for easy access during testing, ideal for frequent interaction with samples.
  • ORTY529/795-2 (Spray chamber system R200): Includes a spray chamber for controlled testing environments, suitable for precision-based tests.
  • ORTY529/795-3/4/5 (Open frame R200/R400/R600): These versions are custom-built as open-frame systems for specific arc sizes (R200, R400, R600). Each is dedicated to different sample sizes, offering tailored solutions for manufacturers who require testing for specific product dimensions, such as testing for IPX3 and IPX4 standards in their laboratories without the need for comprehensive arc sizes as required by the standard.



The ORTY529/795 series is extensively utilized in quality control labs, R&D facilities, and various industrial sectors for testing product protection against water penetration through oscillating jets. It's particularly beneficial for evaluating the water resistance of electronic components, electrical appliances, lighting fixtures, and more.



  • Adherence to the manufacturer's instructions for proper equipment usage is crucial.
  • Conduct tests in accordance with applicable standards.
  • Confirm the compatibility of SKU ORTY529/795 with your product's specific testing requirements before use.



Oscillating Spray System IPX3 IPX4

SKU: ORTY529/795
    • Arc: R200 Specifications
    • Angles: 30, 0, 30 | 60, 0, 60 | 90, 0, 90 | 180, 0, 180
    • Rotating Table: Supports samples weighing up to 5 kg
    • Control: Intelligent motor with integrated encoder (servo)
    • Control Interface: HMI touch and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

    Compliance and Standards:

    • Reference standard for protection testing against water ingress by oscillating arcs: IEC60529
    • Compliance: The equipment meets the requirements of IEC60529 standards, specifically articles 14.2.3 and 14.2.4, for IPX3 and IPX4 testing.

    Other relevant standards:

    • Electrical Safety Standard: IEC 61010 (if applicable)
    • Product Safety Standard: IEC 62368 (if applicable)
    • Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances (IEC60335): for home appliance testing requirements, including 90-degree oscillating arcs
    • Information Technology Equipment Safety (IEC 60950): for safety requirements related to IT equipment
    • Laboratory Equipment Safety Standard: The product from Ormity complies with the safety requirements of laboratory equipment.
  • In alignment with the IEC60335 standard, the part which is dedicated to home appliances, the Oscillating Spray System IPX3 IPX4 (ORTY529/795) by Ormity is engineered to fulfill the specific requirements for water ingress protection tests (IPX3 and IPX4). A key feature of this standard is the stipulation that spraying tests must be conducted at angles of 90 degrees to either side from the central top of the sample.

    The Ormity system is equipped with the necessary functionality to perform this 90-degree oscillation, ensuring compliance with the IEC60335 standard.

    The system's arc oscillation speed is a critical aspect of these tests, and in the Ormity ORTY529/795 series, this speed is calibrated to emulate real-world water exposure conditions as required for IPX3 and IPX4 testing. (according tothe Standard requirements)

    This capability ensures that household products are tested under standardized and stringent conditions, as required for accurate and consistent assessment of water resistance.

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