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Product Safety and Protectionism: The Risks Faced by the West Due to Failures in Equipment Testing

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

In developing countries, corruption has allowed for the validation of artisanal testing equipment, compromising the reliability of the obtained results. This practice puts product safety at risk and undermines the credibility of regulatory bodies responsible for validation.

However, it is not only developing countries that face this problem. In the developed world, we have witnessed a flood of Chinese equipment that fails to meet regulatory requirements but has strangely been normalized by the West. This situation raises questions about the integrity of validation processes and the influence of commercial interests in the acceptance of such equipment.

The Chinese are imposing a new standard of compliance through acquired rights, posing a challenge to the safety and market protectionism of the West. Examples of these failures include IP-rated equipment that cannot withstand water or dust, as well as issues related to electrical safety, flammability, and impact resistance.

These failures represent a significant risk to product safety and the reputation of regulatory bodies. Moreover, the market protectionism of the West is also in jeopardy, as the acceptance of non-compliant equipment can undermine the competitiveness of local companies.

In light of this concerning scenario, it is crucial for regulatory bodies to review their validation processes and adopt stricter measures to ensure the safety and compliance of testing equipment. Additionally, greater transparency and international cooperation are necessary to prevent commercial interests from prevailing over product safety.

Dunel will continue to tirelessly work towards ensuring the quality and safety of products, seeking partnerships with regulatory bodies committed to integrity and market safety. It is essential for all stakeholders in this validation chain to come together in the pursuit of a safer and fairer market, protecting both consumers and local businesses.

Product safety and protectionism are issues that cannot be overlooked. It is time to take action and ensure that testing equipment is adequately validated, thereby safeguarding the safety and competitiveness of the West.

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