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The Ormity Dunel heavy-duty turntable solution is used for carrying samples under IPX1, IPX2, IPX3 and IPX4 when performing waterproof tests. The equipment results from years of experience in compliance tests performed by our engineers. This compliance tool has many innovations in hardware and software. It makes many possible integrations; for example, the software that manages the drip boxes IPX1 & IPX2 manifolds - controlling the water switches and test time - can be synchronized with the turntable servo motor. The turntable can run intermittently at 1RPM or move the sample when tilted in 4 positions of 90 degrees per turn, synchronized with the time of a test of the drip box equipment. The same can be integrated with IPX3 & IPX4 (method a). Compliance is related to articles 14.2.1, 14.2.2, 14.2.3 and 14.2.4 of the IEC 60529.

This product is produced in batches of 5 units every 90 days, if the version you are looking for is outof stock, you can pre-order.

Heavy Duty Turntable

SKU: 364115376135191
  • EUT - They are also used in articles 14.2.5 and 14.2.6 for customers' directives and criteria. Some regulatory Standards make some additional requirements. E.g., use the samples energized during the IPX performance. It requires a particular device, the sealed rotary "power-bus," that makes it possible to supply the power to the samples while the table turns.

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