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Glow Wire Test Apparatus


Product Overview: The Dunel GW1000 Glow Wire Test Apparatus is a state-of-the-art testing solution designed to ensure compliance with rigorous industry standards for fire safety and performance. This equipment is meticulously engineered to deliver precise testing capabilities while maintaining optimal safety conditions.


Model Information:

  • Brand: Dunel
  • Model: GW1000 | MTCS3022-4 | ORTY120/4
  • Standards Complied with: IEC 60695 2-11, 2-12, 2-13


Key Features:

Refrigerated Resistance Electrical Busbar: The GW1000 features an innovative refrigerated resistance electrical busbar, which facilitates continuous testing without compromising the test atmosphere due to dissipated heat.


Precise Servo Motor Control: The equipment is equipped with a high-precision servo motor control mechanism, ensuring accurate and repeatable testing conditions.


Sample Carousel Option: For enhanced efficiency, the GW1000 can be optionally configured with a sample carousel that accommodates up to 5 samples per setup. The equipment is preconfigured at the factory to integrate this option seamlessly.


Intuitive HMI Touch Screen Control: Conveniently manage testing procedures through the user-friendly 5" HMI touch screen interface.


Result Printing Capability: The equipment provides an output for result printing, including essential data such as test time, ignition time, and sample contact time.


Dual Flame Sensors: With safety in mind, the GW1000 is equipped with two flame sensors—one dedicated to the plastic dripping collector paper and another for the sample itself.


Integrated Test Chamber: The equipment boasts an integrated test chamber designed with a 0.5 m2 atmosphere, ensuring consistent and controlled testing conditions.


Automatic Smoke Exhaust: At the conclusion of each test, the GW1000 offers automatic smoke exhaust, expediting the transition between test runs.


Enhanced Lighting Control: The equipment is engineered with automatic lighting that intelligently turns off during testing to maintain the recommended 20 lux brightness level within the test environment.


Electrical Specifications:


  • Voltage: 220V

  • Frequency: 60Hz

  • Resistance Voltage: 0 ~ 2.5V

  • Maximum Current: 150A

Glow Wire Test Apparatus


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