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The Drip Box Stand Device is a must-have device for any industrial Lab setting. With its advanced levelling and adjusting at the Z-axis system, it can easily handle the drip box equipment with dimensions of up to 1000 x 1000mm sq and supports up to 1000kg.


The crane system also has an impressive overload capacity of up to 0.5 tons. Made from structural aluminum, this stand is built to last, and its IP65 protection means it can be installed on the floor bolted. Additionally, wheels can be added as an accessory for easy mobility saving space when not in use. 


It indicated also a water ingress test of fabrics. Request more information about.


The back column's bi-railed system is another feature that helps make this device a great solution making the work clearance bigger to manage samples under test.

Drip Box Stand Stand Device 100Kg

SKU: ORTY529-100
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