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🏭 Manufacturing Testing Equipment in Europe:

Welcome to the investor page of Ormity Inc., an exciting opportunity to be a part of our new innovative project, "Factory," dedicated to revolutionizing testing equipment self-sufficiency in the Eurozone.

Ormity Inc. is a renowned manufacturer of testing equipment for product certification. Our vision is to expand operations within the Eurozone, establishing a cutting-edge manufacturing facility for high-capacity testing equipment. We seek investments from the Eurozone to drive this initiative and pioneer self-sufficiency in testing equipment, reducing dependence on external normative interference.

🔬 Specialized Startup Laboratory:

Acknowledging the distinct needs of startups within the Eurozone seeking efficient and tailored testing solutions, we plan to establish a specialized laboratory dedicated to serving startups. This laboratory will focus on providing precise testing services and fostering innovation within the startup community while maintaining autonomy in testing procedures.

🛠️ Equipment Rental (Leasing) Division:

Understanding the financial considerations of startups and businesses, we are also launching an equipment rental division. This division will provide a leasing solution for testing equipment, offering flexibility without hefty initial investments. It's an approach that aligns with the evolving market needs and fosters mutually beneficial partnerships, furthering our mission of self-sufficiency.

We invite potential investors to join us in this exciting venture, contributing to the growth of testing equipment manufacturing, supporting startups in their journey, and enabling a more accessible approach to acquiring essential testing equipment through leasing. For more detailed information about our expansion projects and investment opportunities, please email us at We look forward to sharing comprehensive insights and collaborating with you to drive these initiatives forward.

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