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Explore ORMITY's advanced Dust Chamber series, where innovation meets the perfect blend of precision engineering and robust functionality. Our Dust Chambers, bearing the prominent Dust Chamber IP5X IP6X high capacity certification, are meticulously designed to meet the most demanding testing requirements. Experience ample capacity accommodating samples up to 10m³ while ensuring top-tier dust protection, compliant with IP5X and IP6X standards. Discover excellence in dust testing within a technologically advanced environment, driven by ORMITY Dust Chambers' confidence and efficiency.


General Structural Features

  • Capacity: Samples up to 10m³
  • Load System: Walking-in over rails
  • Load Entrance: Front-load by trolley
  • Trolley Capacity: 2 tons
  • Door System: Heavy-duty cargo door, double-sealed
  • Windows: 8 X ⌀400mm
  • Sample Load Mechanism: 3 tons capacity sample trolley over 8 wheels guided by rails (optionally can be autonomous)
  • Inside Dimension: W 4500 L 2500 H 3000
  • Sample Trolley Movement: Electric geared system (battery)
  • Sample Trolley Dimensions: W:1300 X L:3000 X H: 250 (mm)
  • Door Lock: External cargo locker (see more in Automation)

Chamber Structural System

  • Walls: 2” polyurethane boards covered by 1/16” aluminum (both sides)
  • Columns & Beams: 1⁄8” folded aluminum sheets
  • Doors Framing: Steel frame 1⁄8” covered by aluminum
  • Floor 1: Steel frame 1⁄4” covered by galvanized steel SAE1020
  • Floor 2: SS304 sieve
  • Windows Frame: Powder-coated aluminum
  • Windows Glass: Lexan 1⁄4”

Window View


Control Panel on Door


  • Talcum Powder Movement: 8 snail dust pumps 6” 1CV *SERVO (PLC controlled)
  • Talcum Accumulation Detector: 8 X flap scale switches
  • Talcum Drain Collector: 4” output port (cleaning purposes)
  • Heating System: Underfloor heating system (PLC controlled)
  • Illuminations: 10 X ⌀6” LED recessed on ceiling
  • Door Lock: Timered door lock with inside emergency device
  • Interface: 7” HMI Delta
  • Vacuum Timer: PLC controlled
  • Vacuum Generators: PLC controlled (air supplier outboard)
  • Vacuometer: Electronic data collector into PLC
  • Air Speed Control: Managed by PLC



The structure and design of the ORMITY DUST CHAMBER have been developed in accordance with the criteria of IEC 60529 to ensure compliance with the protection ratings mentioned above.


Dust Chamber IP5X IP6X high capacity

  • This technical specifications summarizes the key features and specifications of the ORMITY DUST CHAMBER product. Please be sure to refer to official documents for detailed information about the product and its compliance with relevant standards.

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